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Anthracite delivery areas

We deliver anthracite through Gauteng. To qualify for free delivery you must reside in the following areas. Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, Midrand, Roodepoort and Germiston.

The history of anthracite

Anthracite is what we call a very hard sort of coal that gives off no tar or toxic vapors when it’s not heated enough to ignite, once it has ignited, it burns with a low, blue and almost smokeless flame. Only about one percent of all coal mined in the world is anthracite. You can tell it apart from other kinds of coal, by both its hardness and brownish luster, it looks almost metallic under the right light.

In the middle ages and perhaps even earlier it was the most common household fuel, used for both heating and cooking in the homes of kings and peasants alike.

Nowadays, mining of Anthracite is still a booming, with most of the coal going to heat the blast furnaces that melt down iron and other metals, prepping the for the production of everything from staples to steel girders. While this industry uses up most of the worlds anthracite, that doesn’t mean this valuable resource is only for use in factories.

With the advent of electricity, use domestic use of anthracite may no longer be widespread, but its smokeless, long burning qualities make it ideal for your home fireplace, and even those outdoor braai’s when you don’t want your guest going home with pained chests.

It’s also very easy to store, with no messy soot rubbing off on everything, all you really need to do is dump it in a bucket and let it sit there until you need it. Just keep it dry and there’ll be no need to worry about it crumbling away or going soggy.

Being a hard coal, it can be a little harder to get lit up, and if you’re really worried about it, you can always ask your deliveryman can show you how to get it going, and once it gets going, boy does it go. A small amount of anthracite will go a long way, burning all through the night and even part of the next day unless you put it out yourself.

For an example of just how long this stuff can burn, in 1962, a vein of anthracite in the busy town of Centralia, Pennsylvania caught on alight. Those fires are still burning today, and Centralia is a lot less busy, that is, it’s become a ghost town.

While your fire won’t burn for fifty years, at least not without a lot of input and time from you if that’s what you really want, you certainly won’t have to worry about your coals dying out before that stake is grilled to perfection, and all the marshmallows have been roasted.

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Anthracite is also very easy to get your hands on, Joburg firewood, along with both hardwoods and softwoods, will deliver anywhere up from ten 15kg bags of anthracite directly to your door. Call 081 390 3814 to order or email us at