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Blue Gum Firewood
for Sale in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Enjoy a nice evening behind the fireplace. Order in bulk and recieve great discounts

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Firewood Bags (8kg) Price
  30 Bags of Firewood + 1 x Kindling + Free Delivery   R900 - (click here to place order)
  60 Bags of Firewood + 2 x Kindling + Free Delivery R1600 - (click here to place order)
100 Bags of Firewood + 5 x Kindling + Free Delivery R2600 - (click here to place order)
200 Bags of Firewood + 10 x Kindling + Free Delivery R5000 - (click here to place order)

Any fireplace lover knows that you cannot just throw any old firewood onto that fireplace. The quality of the firewood counts. Good firewood will burn for longer and with less smoke. It will provide almost zero levels of toxicity and it will ideally add to the warm atmosphere in your home. Our superb quality Blue Gum Firewood for sale in Johannesburg does all of this and more.

Firewood delivery

See our gallery below of firewood that we've delivered. We deliver firewood in mulitples of 30 bags.

What can blue gum firewood be used for?

This is a very versatile type of firewood indeed. It can be used for:

In short, whatever your needs are, this Blue Gum Firewood for sale will ensure that your requirements are met.

What makes this wood so special?

Blue gum firewood derives from the eucalyptus tree. One of the key selling points of Blue Gum is its density. Because it is so wonderfully dense, this firewood has a longer burning time than traditional woods. As a result, all that you need to do is to lay that Blue Gum Firewood onto your braai or into your grate or stove, set it alight and let it burn for hours on end. We all know how frustrating it can be when you need to keep interrupting your conversations every 30 minutes or so at a social event in order to try and relight a sputtering braai. With this Blue Gum Firewood for sale, that is something that you do not need to worry about at all.

Blue Gum is also a type of firewood that burns very hot. This is because the eucalyptus tree's roots and trunk are impregnated with natural plant oils. When they catch alight, these oils get very hot. Of course, this makes our Blue Gum Firewood for sale in Johannesburg ideal for heating up your home quickly or for getting that outdoor heater nice and warm during an all night party.

A handy tip for using blue gum..

Some fireplace users find the amount of heat released by our blue gum firewood to be more than they need for their fireplace. This is no problem, however. You can reduce the heat and control the temperature of your fireplace by mixing your lumps of Blue Gum firewood with another type of fireplace wood - one that burns with a cooler flame. Pine wood is the ideal choice here, and together a mix of pine and Blue Gum wood will create a sensational aroma.

Grab your blue gum firewood for sale at a great price in Johannesburg

Blue Gum is often considered to be something of a 'luxury' firewood. That means that some braai owners shy away from using it, thinking that it will be too expensive. This is not the case when you purchase our Blue Gum wood. Get all of the benefits of this unique and beautiful wood for a wonderfully affordable price!

Reviews of our blue gum firewood

View our latest blue gum firewood reviews below, you will find our customers are more than happy with the quality of our firewood. If you would like to send us a review please do on or call us on 081 390 3814.

Billy du Toit
Order 60 x Bags of Blue Gum Firewood

Quick, fast and good wood.

John Prinsloo
Order 30 x Bags of Blue Gum Firewood

Thank you, I will definetly order firewood again from you guys!