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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ below to help answer some of your burning questions

Order Firewood

What is the weight of your firewood bags?

Our bags range from 7 - 8KG and average at about 7.5KG

What is the moisture content of the wood?

The moisture content ranges from 15 - 20% which is the optimal range for firewood as it won't burn too fast, or not ignite at all.

Do you do same day delivery?

Usually if you order before 11 AM we can arange to have it delivered on the same day or evening.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer discounts on larger orders and are always running promotions, get in touch and ask about what promotion we are currently running for great discounts or free goodies.

What firewood do you stock?

We stock Blue Gum, Sekelbos and Black Wattle firewood.

What firewood is best for the fireplace?

We recommend blue gum or black wattle as it burns very hot and burns for long.

What firewood is best for a braai?

We recommend sekelbos as it gives of a lovely smokey flavour to the meat and it produces coals ideal for braaing.