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Quality Dry Firewood in Johannesburg

High quality hardwood firewood for sale. Free delivery and kindling on all orders

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High quality firewood for sale with free delivery and free kindling in Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, Midrand and Roodepoort. You can buy extra bags of kindling for only R25 per bag. Call us on 081 390 3814 or use the handy contact form below to order.

30 bags of firewood
Quantity 30 Firewood Bags (240kg) + 1 Kindling
Price R900 + (Free Delivery & Stacking)
Order 30 Firewood Bags
60 bags of firewood
Quantity 60 Firewood Bags (480kg) + 2 Kindling
Price R1600 + (Free Delivery & Stacking)
Order 60 Firewood Bags
100 bags of firewood
Quantity 100 Firewood Bags (800kg) + 5 Kindling
Price R2600 + (Free Delivery & Stacking)
Order 100 Firewood Bags

About our firewood: We sell blue gum firewood; blue gum is a hardwood that burns longer and hotter than your typical softwood, blue gum is great for closed and open fireplaces. Our firewood is dry with a moisture content of less than 20%. Each bags weighs approximately 8kg and the firewood is cut to 27cm which makes it ideal for any type of fireplace. We now stock anthracite coal for your anthracite heater.

Bakkie Load of Firewood

You can now order a bakkie load of firewood. Each bakkie load is 950KG or two cubic meters of loose firewood, the bakkie is a Kia k2700 (small truck) packed to the brim with a mixture of hardwood and softwood.

Order a bakkie load of firewood for only R2400 incl. free delivery and stacking. (Click here to order your bakkie load of firewood)

About Joburg Firewood

If you are seeking high quality dry firewood for sale in Johannesburg, South Africa then you have come to the right place. All of our firewood is carefully selected and checked for quality and provides long lasting warmth. Easy to store and use, our firewood can be used both for the fireplace and for the Braai. Check out our sister site firewood joburg for great specials.

Our firewood comes in easy to handle bags, with each bag weighing roughly 7 to 8kg. We also stock kindling to get your fire started. The types of firewood that we sell are Blue Gum and Sekelbos. Contact the Joburg firewood company today.

Blue Gum firewood for sale

Blue Gum firewood is made from the wood of the Eucalyptus tree and is a hard wood. This firewood is slow to burn and gives off plenty of heat and energy, making it ideal for placing in the fireplace to keep your home warm for long periods of time. Blue Gum is one of the hottest firewoods around and for this reason it is considered to be premium firewood. The straight grain wood of the Eucalyptus can be hard to split when it is dry, and so for your utmost convenience, our bags of Blue Gum come ready chopped up and ready to use, don't forget to order some kindling to go with that. Read more about blue gum firewood.

Sekelbos braai wood for sale

Sekelbos braai wood is a hard wood and one of the driest types of South African firewood. Indeed, experts suggest that it may have the lowest moisture content out of all types of firewood in the world. Sekelbos is baked naturally in the sun, giving it an interesting backstory. Key benefits of this type of braai wood include the fact that it is very dense, and so a single piece of this wood will give off plenty of heat and burn nice and slowly. In addition, Sekelbos offers a practically smoke-free burn. When it burns, this type of firewood has a nice and aromatic scent that is somewhat musky and it creates lots of smokey flavored charcoal. All of these factors make it ideal for using on the Braai as it can cook a huge amount of meats and vegetables and lend them a nice and smokey taste. As with our Blue Gum firewood, our Sekelbos firewood comes ready chopped so it is very easy just to pour it on to the Braai and light it up - what could be more convenient? Read more about sekelbos braai wood.

We also have kindling for sale to help kickstart your fire

If you are having trouble starting a fire, we also sell kindling, which is excellent for getting the fire started. Blue gum and sekelbos are both very dense woods which is a huge benefit as it means that they store more energy and can burn for a longer time. Once lit, they will stay lit with no problems. However, this density can also make it a little difficult to light the woods to start off with, so why not grab yourself some kindling at the same time as you purchase your firewood, to make everything so much easier?

Buy your bags of dry firewood in Johannesburg today

There is nothing so cozy and relaxing as lighting your home with a traditional glowing fire. And there is nothing so enjoyable on a hot day than enjoying a few beers and a smokey Braai with friends and loved ones. Firewood is necessary for both of these activities, and higher quality firewood such as Sekelbos and Blue Gum will enable you to create the perfect atmosphere. So, to ensure that you never run out of firewood - and to ensure that you get the best experience in terms of heat, burn time and smokelessness - order your of firewood in Johannesburg from us today. All of our firewood is carefully selected and prepared in order to guarantee you a good experience every time.

To have order your firewood you can contact us on or call on 081 390 3814 alternatively you can use the contact form below.

Customer Reviews

We take all customer reviews seriously and are constantly adjusting our business to best suit each and everyone of our customers needs. For compliments and complaints please email us at or call on 081 390 3814

Nicholas Downer
Order 30 x Bags of Blue Gum Firewood
Rating rating

Thank you Joburg Firewood for the prompt delivery and high quality wood, will recommend you guys to all my friends.

Maxine White
Order 100 x Bags of Blue Gum Firewood
Rating rating

I really enjoyed the firewood, really high quality and it burnt stunningly in the fireplace. Thanks!